Privacy Center

Teachers, parents, and students have relied on Classworks to improve teaching and learning for over 13 years. You put your trust in us, and we take that very seriously. 

This Privacy Center provides transparency and peace of mind about how Curriculum Advantage, Inc. protects your privacy and security. 

Your Trust Means Everything to Us

"Curriculum Advantage is committed to safe and transparent privacy practices. We feel strongly that these policies shouldn't be hard to understand. You want to know that we respect your information and it is protected. We want to give you that peace of mind."

– Jerry Henley, Chief Privacy Officer, Curriculum Advantage

You're in Control 

Full Local Control 

Classworks never sells or rents your information to anyone. We are committed to this in our privacy policy and as a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

School Year Deletion Policy

Only active data for the current school year is kept.

District Personnel have the ability archive their data from Classworks and safely keep the data in their data systems.

Designed with Privacy in Mind

FERPA compliance

Classworks is fully FERPA compliant under the School Official or Directory Information requirements, per the Department of Education's guidance.

COPPA Compliance

Classworks is fully COPPA compliant. We require school districts using their local control to notify parents of Classworks usage before creating student accounts. 

Limited information

Classworks only collects needed information about students and teachers to improve student outcomes using our service. 

We were one of the first education technology companies to sign the Student Privacy Pledge

Privacy by Design

Classworks follows the seven principles of Privacy by Design (PbD) using research from leading privacy experts during the creation of our services. 

Your Data Security is our #1 Priority

Access Security 

Classworks ensures security at all access points using firewalls, hardened bastion hosts, end-to-end 2048-bit encryption across internet connections. 

Ongoing Security Training

Classworks enforces regular security and privacy training for employees. 

Application Security

Classworks follows published secure application coding practices, as well as regular code reviews by peers in the technology field.

Security Audits

Third-Party audits of our application security and practices by Optiv to ensure we are constantly putting our system under unbiased scrutiny.

More Resources

Responsible Disclosure

An active community of researchers help keep Classworks customers safe. Contact us to learn more about our responsible disclosure program.