Register for Classworks 2017 Winter Professional Development!

Assess, Individualize, Monitor: Journey to Student Success

Each interactive, half-day session focuses on best practices for using your specific assessment data paired with Classworks instruction to individualize learning. 

Classworks is excited to partner with ACT Aspire, NWEA, and Renaissance to deliver these trainings in five cities.

Renaissance STAR Reading and Math & Classworks 
  • January 24 | Macon, GA
  • January 31 | Athens, GA (Northeast GA)
  • February 8 | Birmingham, AL
  • February 28 | Memphis, TN (At capacity) 
ACT Aspire Assessment & Classworks 
  • February 7 | Birmingham, AL (At capacity) 
  • February 27 | Memphis, TN 
NWEA Map & Classworks 
  • February 14 | Greenville, SC 
Please note: Classworks assessments will also be covered at each training*. 

Classworks Winter Professional Development

*These trainings are specifically for Classworks customers and are free of charge.